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Too early?

This child insists on waking up before the sun comes up… Every. Damn. Morning.

Good thing he’s cute.


3 T-Rex Shirts you MUST Have from Amazon… hahahahaha

awesomeshirtCruising around Facebook today and came across a post/thread from my buddy Ori and some of his friends and basically peed myself after looking through all the funny T-Rex shirts from Amazon..

*side note, follow Ori here if you want. He’s a cool dude, and has a bad ass art exhibit coming up soon if you’re in Texas and want to go.

So, here’s the shirt that started it all…

Ask me about my T-Rex

trexBe honest… Awesome, hilarious, and more awesome, all wrapped up into one! hahaha.

Imagine the possibilities for this shirt! Making RAAAWWR sounds from behind this cleverly placed T-Rex head. Ohh… hilare.







T-Rex Hates Pushups

trex2Staying on the ever-so-popular dinosaur theme, the T-Rex doesn’t like push ups… Probably has something to do with his big head and little arms.. haha.







I Love You This Much


HAHAHA… Hilarious! Another clever little play on the tiny arms of the poor T-Rex…







Oh internet, sometimes you have the greatest sense of humor!


Which ones did I miss? Leave me a comment and let me know

*You can even comment with FB now! Aren’t I snazzy?


Look What I Got! MUAHAHAHA

If you’ll recall, about a week or two ago I posted a link to a cool remote control tarantula on my FB, mulling over the many ideas on which I could probably get in a decent amount of trouble with it.





I got one!


Though, it’s been less than impressive on the carpet, so far. So, my first attempt at pranking Leah was a huge FLOP, but alas.. there are more people in the world… I am bound and determined to have fun with this thing..


Got any ideas on ways to use this bad boy?! Shoot me a comment and let me know!

I’m Supposed To Be Working… but this happened.

Supposed to be taking photos of stuff to list on ebay and other classified sites… and along comes a cute little baby that plops his ass right on my photo table… And so it was…. We’re putting the child on eBay!


Things I’m Going To Do More Of Within The Next Year.

It’s just a list, but you should read it anyway.

You never can get “too much” out of life, can you? So, I made a list of all the stuff I want to do more of. Mostly just small selfish type stuff to keep me entertained. I encourage you to do the same.

Let’s get rid of the stereotypical crap first:

1.  Work out – increase muscle, get my damn 6 pack back.
2.  Run – improve my endurance so I can be a stallion in the sack
3.  Eat healthier – I’ve got a few more good reasons to live now… so I’d like to live longer
4.  Have more fun – Basically, try and counteract the first three as much as I can.

Now for the less-conventional:

5. Listen to more DubStep – because… well, why the hell not?
6. Make more videos – not THOSE kind of videos, naughty… well, none that you can see anyway.
7. Play more music – Jam, perform, get good again.
8. Use the toys I have – I have tons of cool stuff I never use… And what’s the point of that? I’m goin spear fishing…
9. Get more toys to play with – what’s that saying again?
10. Open up – post content that I create here… more often.
11. Create more – art, writing, drawing, photo, video, you name it. Goal is 400 pieces over the next year.
12. Grow a gnarly beard – probably won’t happen if I want to kiss my wife
13. Slackline – Looks fun, looks like it could kill time… I shall try
14. Barter – I’m gonna do my own little “red paperclip” project.. Who wants to trade something?
15. Save $5000 for “options” – Because I want options when I need them.
16. Go to NYC to audition – Never been closer to a major film/TV hub than I am now, may as well take advantage.


I actually wrote that list in January of 2012, and as I read through them just now, I realized that I’ve only put a miniscule amount of effort into them. That’s going to change, starting now.