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Too early?

This child insists on waking up before the sun comes up… Every. Damn. Morning.

Good thing he’s cute.


I’m Supposed To Be Working… but this happened.

Supposed to be taking photos of stuff to list on ebay and other classified sites… and along comes a cute little baby that plops his ass right on my photo table… And so it was…. We’re putting the child on eBay!


Our New Patio Furniture!

We got some new patio furniture today…. It’s “convertible”..



How to: Micro Photography With Your iPhone


So, recently I’ve taken a little interest in buying gold and silver as both an investment and a business. I should have probably jumped on that train like three years ago, but that’s another topic entirely.

Anyhow, one of the things I purchased for that little endeavor is a Mini 45X Microscope w/ Illuminator so that I can see markings and such on the jewelry that I purchase. It was a whopping $3.XX so I figured why the hell not!

Well, another awesome thing that it’s good for is taking mirco-photography with your iPhone! As you might have seen in my photo of the quiche the other day…

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Who Knew Words With Friends Had Manners…


Someone get the soap… I have a bad mouth.