Within 5 Years

As I write this, I am 28 years of age… Within the next 5 years, I will complete the following:

– Get rid of internet Stalkers like Jasmine…. 😛 (proving to be tougher than I thought)

– Skydive, again. – Round 1 didn’t go spectacular because I put my harness on too tight and all the blood got trapped in my legs. That caused me to pass out once we opened the chute. Not good. haha. I came-to before we landed, but thankfully I was tandem with someone that could steer.

(ACCOMPLISHED) – Leave Arizona. – If not permanently, at least temporarily, but for at least 6 months. I’ve wanted to get out of this state for a LONG time now, and it’s about time that I make that happen. I’ve come up with several ideas for me to get lost, but have yet to make any of them pan out… This I will do before I am 30.

– Go To Yellowstone Park and Fly Fish. – Hopefully this happens this year!

– Paraglide. – I might even take this one up a notch and do powered paragliding, and if I like that then potentially get certified for P3. Time will tell… I tend to like really expensive sports. :-/

(ACCOMPLISHED) – Go on a Cruise. – Never been on one… I want to go on one… So, I’ll go on one.

– Live Abroad. – If even for a month. I just want to see the world damn it! Is that too much to ask?!!

(ACCOMPLISHED)– Perform a Live Show. – I’ve been playing music long enough to have gotten over this fear of performing. Time to sack up and play in front of people.

(ACCOMPLISHED)– Keep Better Memories. – One of two things has happened to me in the last 5 years. Either I’ve forgotten most of the great memories that I’ve made… or I haven’ t made any. Sadly, I think it’s the later of the two… and that MUST stop. I plan on keeping better memories by taking more photos and more videos.

If something here interests you, I’m always looking for people to do things with. That’s one of the hardest parts of living life… finding someone to enjoy it with.

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